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Data Recovery in Indianapolis, IN

If theft, fire or a natural disaster suddenly struck your business, are you confident that you have adequate data backup and disaster recovery plans in place to quickly or instantly adress the event? What if you were the victim of a ransomware virus and you suddenly were unable to access any of your files? Will you be able to access your account receivables? Would you make your next payroll obligations? With a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery plan your business could continue to operate despite a temporary setback. Envisionet offers a data recovery system to protect you from these types of disasters, which could otherwise be devastating to your business and your business reputation.

Envisionet provides multiple disaster recovery solutions based on your specific needs. We enable your business to resume operations quickly and efficiently in the event of a disaster. Our disaster recovery specialists create solutions that are designed specifically for your type of business. We strive to bring enterprise level expertise to small and medium sized businesses.

  • Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP)
  • Disaster Readiness Auditing
  • Cloud Recovery & High Availability
  • Backup Monitoring Service
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Disaster recovery planning

Being prepared for disaster is about much more than simply having good backups and this comprehensive strategy and must not be overlooked when planning a proper IT infrastructure. In today’s fast-paced economy businesses cannot afford downtime. Disaster can be caused by equipment failure, natural disasters or by malicious intent. There are many different options for disaster recovery such as utilizing cloud and recovery site services which can bring your business back up to speed quickly.

With disaster recovery planning, critical business and IT processes will be analyzed to create a plan that fits the business infrastructure which will provide maximum availability in the event of a catastrophe. Our goal at Envisionet is to create a disaster recovery plan which is compliant with various industry and government standards while still remaining affordable for small to medium sized businesses. Envisionet can provide complete disaster recovery planning solutions customized for your business, along with consulting services to work with existing IT staff.

Disaster Readiness auditing

Being prepared for a disaster is crucial in today’s modern work environment. Disaster readiness auditing provides your business with the information you need to determine how ready you are for a disaster. Disaster readiness specialists at Envisionet will analyze your systems and determine what problems are most likely to arise in the event of a disaster and what disaster your systems would be most prone to. This audit provides you with a basis from which you can proceed when implementing a disaster recovery plan or any other disaster recovery system. Envisionet provides disaster readiness auditing services for your business and as part of this service, will provide a full report on the findings; make recommendations on disaster recovery systems, and aid in prioritizing the systems most prone to disaster.

cloud recovery & high availability

Utilizing local virtualization combined with automated off-site backups to the cloud, Envisionet can provide you with a holistic, integrated disaster recovery solution that is reliable, simple, and fast! With our Disaster Recovery services, we are able to ensure business-critical data, systems, desktops, servers, and the entire infrastructure is protected and recoverable.

When disaster strikes, your entire infrastructure (physical or virtual) is virtualized instantly, empowering you to continue normal business operations without losing any of your critical data or incuring any damage or downtime.

backup monitoring service

Many IT surveys state that about 70 percent of businesses fail to restore their vital business data within the defined business recovery window or don’t recover at all. This is the result of common backup problems such program or software issues, failed backups, scheduling issues, or locked files that were not properly copied. While Envisionet engineers are able to check your backup logs during onsite visits, an error in your backup routines can occur between these visits. Our disaster recovery as a service includes a daily email sent to Envisionet from your backup software system where engineers review these emails for any issues that the system encountered during the backup procedure. Issues are immediately identified and corrective action is taken to ensure the safety of your data.