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  • Safeguard and Defend Your Network Security

    How safe is your data from a network security breach? In a recent report, malware was shown to have grown by over 400% in just five years. Even more alarming than that was a finding in the 2015 FireEye M-Trends Annual Report that found hackers were present on company networks for 205 days on average before they were discovered.

    For the healthcare industry this is especially disturbing. One breach of your network which results in a HIPAA violation can cost your organization up to $1.5 million dollars in annual civil penalties as stated by the Office of the Federal Register – A rule by the Health and Human Services Department. Protecting your data has never been more important and Envisionet will provide an enhancement to your existing security practices and provide you with ongoing monitoring and regular reporting of suspicious activities and risks to your business.  

  • Managed Security Services

    Envisionet delivers flexible managed security services that work the way our clients want. We enhance their existing security program, infrastructure and personnel while relieving the information security and compliance burden.

    We work closely with our clients to gain a deep level of understanding of individual client needs. We combine deep security expertise and proven operational processes with a security and compliance platform that will enhance security and address compliance with regulations such as HIPAA and PCI. 

  • Features and Benefits of our Managed Security Service

    • Ongoing HIPAA compliance service
    • Annual HIPAA risk assessments and security reviews, required by HIPAA
    • Policies and Procedures for your business to satisfy HIPAA compliance obligations
    • 24x7x365 proactive monitoring for security alerts and anomalies
    • Desktop performance monitoring
    • Antivirus protection and management
    • Patch whitelisting service
    • Anti-malware software for all of your devices
    • Real-time reporting and monitoring by trained security professionals
    • On-going evaluation of risks and changes
    • Monthly Login Anomaly reporting to identify potential malicious access
    • Monthly full network and intrusion detection scans
    • Quarterly reviews and recommendations to keep your company safe
    • “Virtual Security Officer” to provide security recommendations and consultation on remediation of security vulnerabilities and breaches
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